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Do You Have Questions About Auto Glass?

How do I know if auto glass damage can be repaired?

If your windshield damage is smaller than the size of a dollar bill, we may be able to repair it. Get a windshield repair quote or schedule an appointment.


What is the difference between OEM and OEE auto glass?

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) auto glass is made by the same manufacturer as your original glass. Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE) auto glass is made to the same standards, but by a different manufacturer. Our auto glass meets or exceeds all federal, industry, and safety standards, and we engage in some of the most rigorous product testing in the industry.


Will you replace the stickers on my windshield?

Yes, if possible. We will remove inspection stickers and other items affixed to your windshield and, if permitted by law, reapply to the new windshield. Some states do not allow the inspection sticker to be reapplied to the new windshield and requires you to purchase a new sticker within 3-5 days after a windshield replacement. Check with your state licensing agency for additional information on required inspections and stickers.


How long will my auto glass repair or replacement take?

In many cases, windshield repairs can be performed in 1 hour or less. However, we recommend that you do not drive the vehicle for at least 1 hour after service is completed.


How long will it be before I can safely drive my vehicle?

You can usually drive away 1 hour after a windshield replacement, or immediately after a repair or side window replacement. Our technicians use the best materials, including the industry's first adhesive with a 1-hour drive-away time for windshield installations. The technician will advise you if any additional time is required.


Does my vehicle need to be in a covered or heated area?

Inclement weather makes auto glass installations difficult without cover. If possible, please have shelter available.


My rear view mirror is attached to my windshield. Will the technician attach it to the new windshield?

Yes, our auto glass technicians will remove your rear view mirror and attach it to your new windshield.


Can you guarantee that the chip or crack will be invisible after the repair has been completed?

No. A windshield chip or crack repair is used to prevent further damage to your glass and to restore the structural integrity of the vehicle. While each incident of damage is unique, with most successful repairs, a slight blemish or imperfection where the impact occurred is normal. In most cases, you should expect the cosmetic appearance of the repair to show some improvement as compared to the damage prior to the repair.


Can you guarantee that a chip or crack that can be repaired will not become larger during the repair process?

No. In some cases, through there would not be any fault from the repair technician, the attempt to repair a windshield can result in the chip or crack becoming larger. However, we can guarantee that upon completion of a successful repair, the chip or crack will not crack further and that the repair will pass any state vehicle inspection, or we will credit the cost of the repair toward a replacement. In the very rare event that this occurs, we will credit the cost of the repair either toward a new windshield or, in the event of insurance work, back to the insurance company. Read our windshield repair limited warranty for more details.


Will you vacuum my vehicle after service?

Yes, our technicians will vacuum any pieces of broken auto glass in your vehicle.


How soon can the job be completed?

Often we can schedule your service for the very next day.


Will I have to wait with my vehicle?

No, you don’t need to wait with your vehicle, but please have your car keys available for the technician.


Will the technician call me before he or she comes?

Yes, in most cases the technician will call before they arrive.


How does the auto glass repair process work?

Performing a windshield repair involves cleaning and treating the damage with specially designed tools and resins. In many cases, the damage can be repaired by one of our trained technicians in less than 1 hour.


Will any part of my vehicle be harmed during the repair or replacement process?

No, your vehicle will not be damaged during the repair or replacement. We use precautionary measures, such as protective drapes, to ensure that no damage occurs during your auto glass service.


How do I cancel or reschedule an auto glass appointment?

Please call our auto glass experts at 913-631-3077.


Can you repair or replace my sunroof?

No, we only fix windshields, side windows and rear windows.


Do you offer auto glass service in my area?

We offer auto glass service in the Kansas City Metro areas. We offer mobile services in the Kansas City Metro areas.


What are your store hours?

While hours vary according to location, appointments are available in most areas from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM Monday through Saturday and 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM on Saturdays.


Where are you located?

We offer auto glass service to the Kansas City Metro area. We offer mobile service in most areas.


Do you offer mobile auto glass service?

Yes, we offer mobile auto glass service in most areas. We will come to your home, office or another convenient location.


Do you offer a guarantee on your work?

Yes, we offer a national warranty on our products and craftsmanship, guaranteed for as long as you own or lease your vehicle. Call for details.


Does the warranty carry over to other locations?

Yes, the national warranty applies at any location across the United States.


How long have you been in business?

Larry's Glass Service began in Shawnee, Kansas is 1970.


Are your technicians certified?

Yes, our technicians are SafeTech™ certified, meaning they have been thoroughly trained on the proper procedures for removing and installing auto glass.


Do you offer wiper blades?

Yes, we offer quality Auto Edge Hydrogard® windshield wipers or Bosch Evolution™ flat blades, for an additional cost at the time of service. We install them for free when we repair or replace your glass. Because most major driving decisions are based on having a clear, unobstructed view, experts recommend replacing your windshield wipers every six months or 6,000 miles. Continuing to drive with worn or damaged blades can damage your windshield. So it's important to ensure you have adequate blades when you have your windshield repaired or replaced.


Do you offer window tinting service?

Unfortunately, we do not offer a window tinting service at this time.


Are you hiring?

We are always in search of qualified job candidates to join our auto glass repair team.


Who should I contact if I have an issue?

We guarantee our auto glass work for as long as you own or lease your vehicle. If you have issues with your service, please contact our customer satisfaction department at 913-631-3077


What payment methods do you accept?

Larry’s Glass accepts cash and checks.


What does my quote include?

Your auto glass quote includes the cost of the glass and labor. Local and state taxes, as well as any required moldings or fees, may be an additional charge. The technician will notify you of any additional charges before starting the work.


Will you sell my personal information?

Larry’s Glass Service will never sell your personal information. Any information that we collect from you will be used in accordance with our privacy policy

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